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Congratulations to winners of our Meme Contest

There were over 500 submissions. We started with a round-robin phase where votes were made on a per meme basis (over 30,000 votes were counted!). The top 32 winners of this phase participated in head-to-head battles in a tournament bracket.

  • tim_zvezdin 5 BNB

  • Baby_Crypto1 3 BNB

  • R_modified 2 BNB

  • Runner Ups:
  • Rachmanhc91 0.25 BNB

  • DodyChalkzone 0.25 BNB

  • Farel201m 0.25 BNB

  • RabRab85097794 0.25 BNB

  • Penguin0_oo 0.25 BNB

* Please reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter to claim your prize (all but one has claimed)

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